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Courses with A Flavour of Spain

From May 2005 until their retirement in 2018, Mike and Lari Powell of A Flavour of Spain ran a range of courses and workshops at El Molino del Conde including cookery, watercolour painting, painting with acrylics or oils, creative writing, yoga and pilates. 

You can see here a number of the successful courses hosted over the years, during which time all our team at El Molino del Conde have developed a great deal of experience in how to ensure these events run smoothly. 

"Hilary and Mike are incredible hosts in an incredible facility! Nothing was left to chance; everything was well planned.  If you enjoy a pace away from the city, with First Class food, and every amenity, El Molino del Conde is the place!"


Art, painting and creative
 courses and workshops run by
A Flavour of Spain at El Molino del Conde included:


Nick Bantock
 2014 28th Sept - 6th Oct
 2013 28th Sept - 6th Oct
 2012 25th Sept - 3rd Oct
 May 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006

Suzanne Northcott
 2015 April 21st–29th
 2013 April 21st-30th
 2011 Oct 4th-15th
 2009 June 9th-21st
 2007 May 10th-23rd


Leona Brown
 2016 April 12th-19th
 2014 May 7th-15th
 2012 Oct 4th-14th
 2009 April 18th-30th  

Gaye Adams
 2012 April 26th - May 6th


Nancy Crawford
 2015 April 21st-29th  

Leslie Redhead
 2017 October 1st-11th
 2014 May 16th-24th
 2012 Oct 4th-14th
 2010 June 6th-18th  

Kindrie Grove
 2014 Oct 7th–15th
 2012 May 7th-17th

Barbara J Daley
 2014 Oct 7th-15th  

David Goatley
 2008 Sept 15th-27th

Nancy & Michael O´Toole
 2012 April 26th - May 6th
 2009 Sept 16th-28th
 2008 June 11th-25th

Kiff Holland
 2008 May 12th-23rd
 2006 May 1st-17th


Alfonso L. Tejada
 2014 May 7th–15th


Amy Melious
 2015 May 2nd-10th
 2013 Oct 7th-15th


Harold Allanson
 2013 April 12th-20th & 21st-30th


Gail Short
 2015 May 2nd-10th
 2013 Oct 7th-15th


Linda Muttitt
 2015 April 12th-20th


Rick McDiarmid
 2014 May 16th-24th
 2010 June 6th-18th
 2007 Sept 24th-Oct 7th


Nick Bantock

In September 2014, A Flavour of Spain ran the eighth workshop by Nick Bantock at El Molino del Conde.The daily sessions focused on making collage from found material as well as Nick's usual mix of paint and ephemera.

“Without doubt, the best workshop I've ever given was in Spain at El Molino where the surroundings, the food and the learning experience were truly amazing”


Suzanne Northcott

Suzanne returned to El Molino del Conde in April 2015 for An Intimate Spanish Adventure: Journalling, Pen and Watercolour on paper and Clayboard. Suzanne is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and begins each day at El Molino with meditation and yoga.


Linda Muttit

Linda says "The culture and beauty of Spain is sure to inspire! My focus for painting at El Molino del Conde and the surrounding area is to have an exhilarating time taking our personal response to what we see and feel, and finding ways to express these experiences using watercolour, pen & ink, and some integrated writing. Participants will be shown specific skills to help them translate these experiences to paper. Emphasis will be on having fun and feeling free within the medium."


Nancy Crawford

In April 2015, Nancy Crawford, was invited to teach A Flavour of Spain's first Encaustic workshop: combining the ancient technique of painting with melted wax with other drawing and collage skills.


Kindrie Grove

Kindrie is a professional fine artist and art instructor who mentors everyone on an individual basis - whatever your skill level and subject matter. Landscape painting, still-life, local architecture, or the beautiful horses of southern Spain, you choose what you want to focus on!


Gail Short

Gail says “I love to capture the magic of this corner of the world on small pieces that become treasured souvenirs. When back in your own studio, you can create larger paintings and have fun extending your whole Spanish experience."

"The comfortable accommodation in a centuries old building and the gourmet Spanish food are wonderful. You live in a calm oasis where the painting opportunities are endless."

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